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Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Bundle

Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Bundle

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MIC CHECK 1 2 1 2!!!! Your smile speaks for  you before your words are heard. The Mic Check teeth cleaning kit includes everything that you need to maintain clean, white, healthy teeth and gums. *free shipping*


1) Mouth Mirror

1) Tarter Scraper/Plaque Remover

1) Dental Scaler (for heavy buildup)

1) Tongue Scraper

1) 20,000 Bristol Soft Head Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

1) Organic Vegan Charcoal toothpaste

2) Spearment Coconut Oil pulling packs (great for cavities & whitening)

Teeth Whitening Kit

1) UV light w/ battery

3) Gel whitening pens

1) Mouth Tray 

1) Instruction Guide 


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