The #HOW story

”Remember the why and the how will work itself out”

In 2018, I created My Creative Candle as an outlet to overcome severe depression.

That year was one of the most challenging years of my life. I had lost everything that was important to me at that time including my job.

Little did I know, that year would change the trajectory of my life. Things that were meant to break me, I would pick those broken pieces up and use what once buried me as steps to crawl my way out of a very dark space to the top, where the light was.

Being a professional, world traveling singer & songwriter for over 15 years, singing and touring was all that I knew. I needed to create something for myself that no one would be able to take away.

I didn’t know how, but I knew my why. So, I trusted myself, my journey and trusted that the how would work itself out.

I created My Creative Candle, focusing on natural products made with essentials oils that would help combat depression and anxiety.

As my knowledge on my journey for natural health and wellness grew, I became more conscientious of how the products I put on my body and in my actual home made me feel. 

Understanding now that everything in me, on me and around me must contribute to me feeling and being my best self, I created more natural products as healthy natural alternatives.

In 2021, sadly, I lost my dad. Within about 30hrs or so of hearing of his condition, he was gone forever.

I had been very passionate about and even practiced natural and holistic health and wellness for over 10 years but I wasn’t open about it because I didn’t want to seem weird.

Everyone around me had only seen me as an amazing singer but after the sudden loss of my dad, I decided to not be ashamed of my natural health and wellness knowledge and practices.

My purpose became to bring awareness to generational health. Openly having uncomfortable conversations with all ages about mental, physical and emotional health, to share my knowledge from years of studying and practicing and to provide people with natural tools to help them build their House of Wellness.

Your body is a home just like the physical home you reside in and both equally contribute to your overall health and wellness INSIDE OUT, OUTSIDE IN.