My creative candle came about because I have been a part of the music industry as a professional singer and background singer to some of the top artists for over 15 years.  In 2018, I went through a really rough time including a new move to LA where I was all alone, a major job change and balancing traveling on the road full time while being a full time student.  I found myself down and depressed, and my anxiety was at an all time high.  I ended up having a conversation with a friend of mine and he suggested that I get some candles to calm me.  Well, I went to a popular store that I had usually purchased candles at however, this time, nothing seemed to connect with me.  All of the scents that I smelled seemed to be missing something and I felt like there was nothing for me.  I didn't need just a regular candle, I wanted something created just for me, for a creative. Creative's brains work differently. We really are special. Because of our ability to take on our emotions and other's emotions as well to express them creatively through our gifts and talents, things effect us differently.  A spark went off, if I can't find it, I will create it. The idea for my creative candle, a candle created for creatives was born.  As a creative, I often light candles whether in the studio, a green room, a tour bus, hotel room or even at home to get my vibe right. First, I came up with the name "My Creative Candle". Then, the actual names for the different scents that I felt like were missing were next. At that point I didn't know the specifics.  I just knew how these names should make you feel when you smell them.  So, one day I spent about 4 hours between Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe blending essential oils together that I felt like would make people feel like what the name of that scent was. Unknowingly, I guess I had a natural knack for candles and aromatherapy because after researching the properties of the oils that I choice, I found that those properties worked for the names that I wanted to offer. Next, I created my logo and packaging. I wanted something really sleek, clean and luxurious so, I chose matte black and gold. Not to mention that black definitely seems to be the unofficial go to color of the industry.  Lastly, I had to decide on the wax that I would use. It wasn't until I started developing my own candle line and personally testing different waxes and blends, that I truly understood how the toxins from what I was burning could effect not only my mind and mood but also my voice as a singer. So, It was important to me to create a natural wax, phthalate free candle with a clean burn.  Quality and exclusivity was important as well.  I wanted to create unique aromatherapy blends and names that you can't get anywhere else. As a creative, connection and familiarity is also important.  Each scent is named after a popular industry term that correlates with that specific scent and made with natural essential oils that are uplifting and are good for depression and anxiety. Essential oils that when you smell them, they trigger neurotransmitters in the brain that release serotonin and dopamine, the "happy" chemical.  My creative candle is not a candle from a private label company with a sticker slapped on it. My creative candle is a luxury handmade, hand poured, custom formulation from scent, product names to packaging all with creatives in mind, created by myself.  My Creative Candle is not just a candle but it's "inspiration through a flame"...the go to candle of the industry.  I want creatives to know that WE ARE IMPORTANT and there is something created just for us to uplift and inspire us.