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ROOMITIZER®️ sanitizing room & linen spray

ROOMITIZER®️ sanitizing room & linen spray

The ORIGINAL ROOMITIZER®️ sanitizing room & linen spray without the respiratory irritants and toxins. Healthier, Safer & Cleaner.

Have you ever sprayed a disinfectant or air freshener and it chokes you, it’s too strong, irritates your allergies, eyes, throat and lungs? Makes you wheeze and/or cough? Gives you a migraine? 

Me too. No one wants to feel like a simple air freshener is hazardous and toxic but the truth is, most of them are.

They are very harmful and that’s why I created ROOMITIZER®️. 

ROOMITIZER®️ is a room spray which also sanitizes and has the essential oil and fragrance properties that you can use in your room, bathroom, car, linen, and anywhere to uplift and refresh.


•Made with essential oils

•Eliminates germs, odors & bacteria

•Long lasting...1 spray goes a long way




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